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I started cooking food for my Chihuahua’s because 80 % of dog kibble is garbage.  As a Breeder I want to make sure that I give the best meat and vegetables to my dogs.  I also, feed high quality Kibble, but since Covid, the prices have sky rocketed.  I used to pay $89.99 for a large bag of RC Puppy Kibble now it is $122.99.  Outrageous.  I started trying out the Freeze Dried Raw products on my dogs and they loved it, but it is very expensive.  So I decided to buy a Freeze Dryer and make my own.  I started with the recipe that I was feeding my dogs and switched it to raw and added extra supplements to make a balanced diet for them.  The only food cooked is the rice and quinoa, all the other ingredients are RAW.  My dogs love it.  I then packaged the food into small 2 oz. bags and asked my friends to try it on their dogs.  Even picky eaters loved it.  I now make it in Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Pork.  I may discontinue the Pork as it isn’t very popular but all the others I will continue to make.  My prices are reasonable compared to store bought.

I also make safe products for my Chihuahua’s using high quality Essential Oils and Carrier Oils.  All my products can be used on dogs and people.  My dogs and myself were the test subjects.  My best selling products are my Bug Spray, Calming Spray and Dandelion Suave.

Margaret Eisenman
876 Farmington Road, Barss Corner, Nova Scotia     902-541-7387        https://gottalovechihuahuas.com