Colleen was born and rasied near St. John’s, NL. She was always drawn to and inspired by the ocean. After completing her graduate degree in Speech Pathology, she married and moved with her family to Nova Scotia. While playing on a beach in Halifax, her young son introduced her to sea glass. They began to collect sea glass, research its history and make family gifts from the treasures they had discovered. This uncovered Colleen’s passion for creativity and her desire to generate Timeless Tumbled Treasures-Sea Glass Creations. She has been selling her artwork since 2018.

Carter was born in St. John’s, NL in 2008. He has been a competitive gymnast since the age of 8, spending 16-20 hours a week, year round, training in the gym. In his limited time, he can be found pursuing his creative and artistic interests such as sketching, origami and felting. During the 2020/2021 worldwide lockdown, he decided to experiment with watercolour and ink in his architectural sketches. His work was noticed online by a local reporter. His maritime-inspired artwork was featured on CBC “The National” in May 2021, which drew worldwide attention from art lovers. He has been receiving commissions ever since. He hopes to become an architect in the future.



Instagram: @colleenwadenoseworthy

Instagram: @urbanwatercoloursketching