Top Things to do in Chester, Nova Scotia

About Chester Nova Scotia

Chester is a village situated in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. The village is surrounded by the waters of Mahone Bay and its many islands. The region is best known for its yachting and has made the Chester Yacht Club into a popular cruising spot. 

The Municipality of the District of Chester occupies the northeastern half of Lunenburg County. The village constitutes just one of the many communities situated in the municipality. The nearby Big Tancook Island and Little Tancook Island can be visited by the provincial ferry service from the Chester village.

Chester has many attractions and recreations for the public to visit. These include boating, kayaking, and sailing. The village also has an annual auction organized by Chester Municipal Heritage Society. All in all, the village and nearby vicinities are a great holiday destination for Canadians.

Down below is a list of the top things to do in Chester, Nova Scotia:

Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Chester, NS

1- Village Emporium

The Village Emporium gift shop is somewhere you should definitely stop when visiting Chester, Nova Scotia. The shop offers a wide variety of locally handcrafted products and a number of items from away. Articles from as many as 20 vendors are available here at reasonable prices. You can definitely choose a gift or a treat for yourself or a friend back home. 

Some of the most popular products sold at the Village Emporium are:

  • Souvenirs
  • Jewellery
  • Baby goods
  • Giftware
  • Books
  • Greeting Cards
  • Soaps
  • Purses
  • Wallets
  • Reclaimed Wood Decor

They also offer a ladies-only clothing section, with their vendors providing a great variety with reasonable prices.

This Nova Scotia gift shop is located at the corner of Queen & Pleasant Streets in the seaside village of Chester. Surrounded by an eclectic variety of local businesses, breathtaking scenery, and friendly residents. Your go-to place for buying local handicrafts.

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2- Sensea Spa Chester

At Sensea Spa, Chester you can experience relaxation inspired by Nordic culture. Being the first nordic spa in Chester, Nova Scotia, it has quickly become a popular attraction for people looking for a peaceful and relaxing time.

The place offers an unmatched experience and quality of service. It offers treatments, massages, and sleep therapy. The idea behind this Nordic spa, Chester, is to reconnect yourself with nature and stimulate your senses.

With its overnight accommodations, you can also plan a weekend getaway here and take a much-needed break from your exhausting daily life.

If you are planning to visit Chester or nearby areas, Nordic Spa, Nova Scotia is a place you should definitely visit.

3- Lordly House Museum

Lordly House Museum in Chester, Nova Scotia is a municipal museum. The museum’s primary motive is to promote and increase awareness of the rich history of the Municipality of the District of Chester. 

The place offers an in-depth look into the past of the region and can be a point of interest for history lovers. 

The place was originally known as the Evergreen Hall, the house was built circa 1806 by Captain McCurdy. The house is a fine example of Georgian architecture with six fireplaces, two parlors, a kitchen, a dining room, and six bedrooms. 

The Lordly House Museum was the center of cultural and social life in the community and has

been continuously lived in, with two short exceptions, since it was


4- Graves Island Nova Scotia

The Graves Island provincial park is joined with the mainland with a short causeway. The island is similar to other small islands found along Nova Scotia’s Atlantic coast. 

The park offers a 2-mile long coastal walking trail and breathtaking views of Mahone Bay. The place offers a spacious picnic area and the oceanside campground is a popular vacation spot for Nova Scotians and visitors. 

The park is an excellent location for outdoor adventures such as kayaking, hiking, and fishing.

5- Chester Golf Club Nova Scotia

The Chester Golf Club started out as a simple 9-hole course in 1914 and has grown into a popular 18-hole golf club in recent years.

The Chester Golf Club faces the Atlantic as it is situated on the southwest shore of Chandler’s Cove. The place provides jaw-dropping ocean views and a panoramic view of the Chester Harbour, Islands, and ocean vistas. 

The club offers great recreation for serving members, their families, and guests. It has been a vital contributor to the local economy and tourism on the southern shore of Nova scotia.

Each hole at the Chester Golf Club is unique, making it fit for golfers with any skill level.

CGC is also well known as a destination dining location, where you can enjoy a meal after a round of golf or simply dine in the Clubhouse.

If you plan to visit Chester, Nova Scotia, you should definitely visit the CGC and enjoy the views, dining, and game. 

6- Chester Restaurants NS

Choosing a restaurant to eat at in Chester, Nova Scotia can be a difficult task because you have to nitpick from a multitude of options. However, we will recommend you to go with the options that are known to you or recommended by a friend/family member who lives in Chester. 

The Rope Loft, Chester

The historic Rope Loft, known locally as the Old Wharf, is one of the oldest buildings still in commercial use in Nova Scotia, it is over 200 years old.

The Rope Loft is a restaurant, pub, and marina offering a beautiful setting for your East Coast culinary experience. 

The menu offers a wide variety of fresh Nova Scotian seafood. With light-cream-based Shellfish Chowder being the most well-known and popular offering. They also have several vegetarian and gluten-friendly options to choose from.

You can also choose between a range of Local and Import Draft & Bulwark Cider. And end your meal by choosing one of the rich homemade desserts on their menu. 

7- The Fo’c’sle Tavern 

The Fo’c’sle Tavern is the oldest pub in Nova Scotia. Some say it opened in 1761 while some say it was 1769. The pub is now famously known as Chester’s Living Room. It is a great spot for having a good drink and chatting with your friends. The place is open year-round so you can expect a warm welcome any time you drop by.

8- The Chester Playhouse

The Chester Playhouse is run by the Chester Theatre Council Society. The playhouse is famous for being an artistic hub and presents the local community and tourists with phenomenal live performances. 

Operating since 1939, the Playhouse has been a home for music, theatre, films, comedy, speakers, and emerging community performances, and they continue to present world-class artists from “around the corner” and around the globe.

The building of Chester Playhouse burnt down in 2021 but the CTC society has launched a new initiative called “Playhouse Without Walls.” where they host performances in different venues around Chester. This will continue until the building is fully restored and live performances can be held in it.

If you love watching theatre plays then you should keep an eye on the tour schedule of the playhouse to catch them live.

The above-mentioned places are just a handful of the many places you can visit when in Chester, Nova Scotia. We are 100% sure that these places will not disappoint you, and only make your trip more memorable.