Unique Made in Nova Scotia Gifts: Our 2022 Guide

Made In Nova Scotia Gifts

Nova Scotia is one of the hidden treasures of Atlantic, Canada. It offers scenic and breathtaking landscapes and recreation for visitors. Apart from this Nova Scotia has a rich heritage and history, with its handicraft industry seeing a massive boom in recent years.

It is common for people visiting Nova Scotia to return with locally-crafted gifts. If you plan to visit Nova Scotia, you should definitely get a handful of gifts for yourself and your loved ones back home.

Gifts are an important part of human relationships because they help us to strengthen our bond with the other person. A one-of-a-kind gift from a Nova Scotia handicraft shop can mend a broken bond, or simply remind a close one that you remembered about them. It will also give you a feeling of self-gratification because it is an act of giving.

Similarly, unique gifts from a place like Nova Scotia can be a great addition to your souvenir collection and will forever remind you of the great time you had when visiting Nova Scotia. 

Here are some popular and unique gifts from Nova Scotia: 

Jewellery Gifts 

Jewellery is an amazing choice for gifts because these gifts not only have monetary value but also have emotional and sentimental value. Giving jewellery gifts can be a wonderful idea as they are extremely meaningful and practical. It allows you to be 100 % sure that the recipient will like the gift because jewellery gifts are suitable for any age.

Moreover, jewellery is everlasting and it is more than a purchase. If your choice is right, jewellery gifts can become an investment. Plus these gifts can be passed on from one generation to the other generation. 

In recent years jewellery gifts have become highly customizable and versatile. There is a piece of jewellery for everyone out there. The right kind of jewellery will complement your wardrobe and make you stand out in the crowd. 

Nova Scotia handcrafted jewellery can be a great choice for people who are into ocean/sea-inspired jewellery. The handcrafted jewellery offered at our store can be the perfect gift choice for you or a loved one. 

With collections from several vendors that offer sea/ocean-inspired jewellery in Chester Nova Scotia. These unique jewellery pieces are created locally in Chester, Nova Scotia. 

They specialise in classic strands of knotted freshwater pearls, earrings, bracelets, and fashion necklaces. They also house jewellery from away. We are certain that their sterling, gemstone, leather, stainless steel, beads, and baubles can adorn you and your loved one back at home.

In our jewellery collection, you will also find oceanic theme jewellery and it will surely leave you in awe. Handcrafted by local jewellery enthusiasts.

The inspiration behind this type of jewellery is the marine/seaside lifestyle of locals. Offerings include pearl, beads, and seashell jewellery. However, they mainly focus on sea glass jewellery and art, with most of their sea glass sourced from the Bay of Fundy. We are certain that these tiny pieces of wearable art will be delightful to your loved ones.

Fused Glass Art

Nova Scotia is quite famous for its fused glass art. It is an art technique that makes design with Glass on Glass through the process of using a kiln to melt two or more pieces of glass together to fuse them.

There are many artists in the Nova Scotia region that produce quality products in the fused glass niche. The artisans employ traditional techniques to produce glass formations that cannot be replicated elsewhere. 

Producing fused glass art is a skill that has to be mastered by years of hard work. Here in Nova Scotia, this form of art is extremely popular and you will find at least one such piece of artwork in every home you visit. 

Nova Scotia Sea Glass 

Sea glass and beach glass are weathered pieces of glass. These pieces of glass have the appearance of tumbled stones. Sea glass is commonly found in seasides and beaches along with bodies of saltwater. 

The sea-sides of Nova Scotia are no different, here sea glass is found in abundance and the coastal communities use them to decorate handicrafts and jewellery. If you visit a local gift shop you will find hundreds of sea glass handcrafts. These delicate and intricate pieces of art will leave anyone mesmerised. 

Nova Scotia Soaps and Body Products

Novia Scotia’s local community also produces several types of soap and body care products. The products are made keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions due to the maritime influence. 

Locally produced soap contains natural ingredients derived from locally available nutrient-rich plants and salts.

Their primary objective is to produce superior quality, conscious, and clean skincare products in rural Canada. Source clean, natural ingredients close to home, provide work for a vibrant and talented rural community, all while giving back to the lands. 

If you are someone who is looking for soap and body care products free from preservatives artificial colours and artificial scents then you should definitely choose these products.

Cards & Books

Cards for different occasions are another unique gift option for people visiting Nova Scotia. These locally produced cards have a distinct touch to them. The creativity and thought that goes into these is amazing and can be a great gift for your loved ones back home.

Books from local authors are also an amazing gift option. These books are mostly about local interests. If you want to connect with the rich history of Nova Scotia and its maritime communities you can find countless books on the folklore and the history of the region. 

Believe it or not, cards and books are a great way to learn about the heritage and culture of Nova Scotia.

Gift Store in Nova Scotia

If you are someone who is planning to buy locally-crafted gifts from Nova Scotia, then you should check out The Village Emporium, Chester, NS. They have a wide variety of hand-crafted gifts and jewellery from Nova Scotia.